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Harnessing the power of video in the recruitment process

In the high-tech, modern world, businesses are increasingly looking to streamline services and explore innovative ways to do more with less. So at durhamlane we are constantly on the lookout for inventive solutions to age-old problems such as recruitment, rationalising resources and delivering high level services.

One such development, on the recruitment side of business, is a fresh approach to candidate shortlisting. Put the traditional telephone interview on the backburner, and roll out video interviews.

In business, time is precious and spending too much time conducting screening-calls to eliminate ill-matched candidates is a costly business; video interviewing can take up to 70?per cent?less time than telephoning. Applicants download a free app to their phone which will have hiring managers’ set questions, which the candidates film themselves answering. They only have one chance to record them and the firm can decide whether or not they see the questions in advance.

It may sound gruelling, but the technology is not designed to put people on the spot and make them feel uncomfortable. It’s intended to provide an opportunity for them to excel. There’s no opportunity to obsess over getting the perfect selfie. It’s a quick fire, single-take, one-off showcase. Video interviewing establishes the opportunities of using modern tech to reinvigorate traditional business practises delivering better outcomes and more efficient services.

When hiring managers receive 100 identical CVs in their in-trays, it can be difficult to sift through them. This is where video interviewing comes in to its own. With the new recruitment-social media hybrid, the work is done for them. There are no more calls to schedule; with electronic feedback-recording, multiple staff members can review and comment on entries, eliminating the need for lengthy shortlisting panels; responses can be played an unlimited number of times, on any device and at a time that suits.

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In many jobs and sectors, presentation, confidence and the capacity to think fast, are vital attributes. These are the characteristics identified in the use of video interviewing technology and are vital for us at durhamlane, where we principally recruit to sales oriented roles. It has benefits for the candidate experience too; saving time, travel costs and stressful interview preparation which may be totally unnecessary.

Candidates will be pleased to be able to talk through their skills and make their CVs come to life. But video interviewing is only the beginning social media technology holds a world of untapped opportunity for business, opportunities waiting to be explored.

Richard Lane is co-founder of durhamlane sales consultancy.

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Candidates have quickly become more demanding, making the recruitment process harder for bosses. But with their pet peeves at hand, you can ensure you give potential staff a great first impression.



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