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£9m investment to support launch of UK digital innovation centres

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11 March 2015

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Digital Catapult – the Innovate UK-funded digital ideas hub – plans to introduce three new digital innovation centres in Brighton, Yorkshire and North East & Tees Valley as part of a £9m investment to drive growth and creativity in the digital economy.

The new initiative claims it will help local innovators take their digital products and services to the market, working with Local Enterprise Partnerships to direct the £9m into the  “already vibrant digital economies”.

The three centres are said to focus on different challenges around the digital economy, with Yorkshire on data in health and social care, Brighton on Internet of Place and North East & Tees Valley on data sharing innovation. Those involved will be tasked with developing projects that can be used by startups and SMEs.

Additionally, the locations promise to create links between universities and businesses to encourage commercial opportunities.

Digital Catapult highlighted a Tech Nation report that found a growth of 91 per cent in new digital companies nationwide between 2010 and 2013, with 74 per cent of them based outside of London.

Neil Crockett, CEO of the Digital Catapult, said: “The Digital Catapult is here to help create new opportunities across the UK and unlock innovation and value from sharing closed and proprietary data. The truth is the most exciting digital innovation is happening in local communities, like the North East and Tees Valley, who are bringing together new ideas, businesses, universities and the public sector.

“As a national centre, it is important we support and collaborate with these local innovation communities, it is from these local hotspots that we will find the best innovation, create the most relevant products and reap the economic benefit for the UK.”

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