A fool-proof guide to creating content that ranks

3) Carry out a gap analysis

Here, you need to take the time to really analyse these pieces. It can help to have a process here so that you’re able to do this objectively.

Ask yourself the following questions:?

  • What questions are being answered here
  • How is the UX” Think in terms of load time, mobile friendliness, layout and design.
  • How thorough is the piece
  • What visuals are being used
  • How well-written is it
  • Where is their information coming from
Basically, you’re looking to see what theyre doing right, what theyre doing wrong, and how you can do better.

4) Plug those gaps!

Theres no magic formula to this part. If you dont have the capacity to improve on whats already there, you’re not going to eclipse it in the search rankings.

However, if youve chosen a term thats not too competitive, theres a good chance that you can do better.

Take that search term I mentioned earlier. The top ranking piece is a big old bulleted list, topped off with a stock photo. Im not going to rip it to shreds here because obviously theyve done something right, but their subheadings are as generic as make it look pretty .

I know I can do better than that, and Im pretty sure, if you really want to, you can too.

Paul Hunter is marketing manager for Liberty Marketing.

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