A national business board for Britain

More reaction to our growth plan for Britain, this time from Mike Redshaw, managing director of Norwich-based precision engineering business Redco.

Most notable among Redshaw’s suggestions: a formal business board for Britain, reporting back to the public monthly on progress in the economy. 

We like the cut of this man’s gib:

1. Free registration at Companies House ? a complete waste of time and potentially dangerous as the criminal element would find a way of taking advantage of it. Most unemployed (with all due respect) are not founders of companies ? they will be employees, given the right training & incentives to work.
2. Interest rates must be kept low if British companies are to be able to re-invest in themselves and the nation.
3. The money supply (in all its forms) should be government controlled ? capping interest rates is a good start.
4. Industrial strategy ? good idea. Put a number of Britain?s best known, successful business men and women onto a “board” , to define, plan and report to the nation on a monthly basis ? not a mass of details and figures, just a general “this is how it looks this month” type of announcement. Easy feedback from the public is essential.
5. Skilled immigrant workers must be regulated and the emphasis put on training up our own teenagers, students and unemployed. Discourage (further) the young from going to university to study media, photography, TV studies and the like. Sell the idea of the “University of Experience” by joining the national workforce.
6. Mandarin for French? It might work (but there are so many dialects). It might be better (as English is a well established international business language) to encourage students to study the emerging markets practices, requirements etc… (India, China, South America).
7. Scrap the minimum wage ? lots of employers already ignore it anyway and pay some casual staff on the side anyway, thus cheating the benefits system further.       
8. Cut the spending on our armed forces by 50 per cent. Use the resources to form International Rescue (in partnership with other like-minded countries). Then we might be able to rescue/assist the victims of natural disasters and the like a lot quicker and more efficiently than we did the Chilean miners and the residents of Haiti.

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