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A question of perspective

It is extremely easy to get complacent about all we have and when life gets a bit difficult, it is just as easy to slip into a miasma of resentment and fury about everything that is less than perfect about our lives. Returning to normality in this freezing cold January, living on yet another building site at home, failing to be able to send furniture out because of the roads, bursting pipes and sub-zero conditions and shivering in a coat at one’s desk, faced with, at the very least, a challenging economic start to the year (the order books not being as full as they should be, some of last year’s quality issues still to be addressed), yes, it would be very, very easy to slip into deep gloom and decide my life is totally not worth having. Among his many brilliant throw-away challenges yesterday, my business coach instructed me to write a list of all the things I am grateful for. The moment I’d done it, the whole perspective changes.    My cottage is going to be absolutely gorgeous soon. I am lucky enough to have my own company, which survived last year – even making a tiny profit despite the recession. And I have many funny, loyal and some just plain nice staff, some of which really do appreciate working here (I have watched one recruit turn up on time both pre and post Christmas despite all weather conditions and with an hour and half commute each way, for example). I have – touch wood – my health and my kids, not to mention my terrible dog…  Yes, it can be very, very important to remember how lucky one is.



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