A Real FD favourite in the news

Browsing through CityA.M. as I made the painful, rain-affected tube journey from East London to West London this morning, I came across a story about one Neil Warner. He’s the finance director of Chloride and was one of the nominees for the FTSE 250 FD of the Year Award at the 2008 Real FD/CBI FDs’ Excellence Awards.

Chloride makes secure power equipment and yesterday released another lot of impressive annual figures. Sales are up 31 per cent to £267.6m while adjusted profit before tax stands at £33.3m – up 54 per cent.

The company has also just announced it will acquire 90 per cent of India’s DB Power Electronics in two tranches by July 2009.

In the CityA.M. article, Warner is quoted as saying: “We will continue growing in India, we are building in Vietnam, and we are looking seriously at Malaysia and Korea.”

Meanwhile, in a seperate Reuters piece I also read, Warner refuses to be drawn on speculation the company may be bought by an American firm.

Exciting times.

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