A real-life eBay entrepreneur

Passantino got the idea for Lastseason.com when he was working in a men’s clothing store and selling clearance stock for the shop’s owner on eBay.

Through his own website, Passantino sells men’s and women’s clothes at bargain-basement prices.

“Most clothing websites have also got a sale option, but they’re not as hugely discounted as we are," he says. "We buy at such a price that we can sell it on to the customers and make the same margin as a retail shop.”

Lastseason.com was initially a part-time venture but, three years after it was launched, Passantino now looks after the site full-time. Sales are growing nicely despite little to no marketing.

“People, especially men, aren’t too bothered whether a piece of clothing is brand-new or last season’s design. A hoodie’s a hoodie to a man," he says.Related articleWant to make millions? Become an eBay entrepreneur

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