A whole new me

Realise that the various little issues of son leaving home and disenchantment with staff in the office have not only brought me to a grinding halt physically but have triggered a mini mid-life crisis. All very predictable: empty nest; same old job; questions of "what do I want to do with the rest of my life?" etc.

Am still, in principle, "off work" under doctor’s orders and necking copious amounts of drugs (legal, I hasten to add). Am still equally aware that the business itself has not been in the most fantastic state, with extravagant spending, slower-than-normal sales, and less-than-perfect quality at the end of last year, which cost us dearly.

First priority has been to set up an intensive four-week recovery plan and an outline for the year ahead. Then, they can sink or swim. I couldn’t do it all for them even if I was there, and individuals must start taking responsibility. This will bring things to a head one way or another.

Let’s hope they pull it around. That would be best for them, and handy for me as would provide an income while I explore other avenues.

In all of this, my decision has not wavered. I do want more out of my life. Want to explore other opportunities, though no idea what they may be. Want to invent a whole new me. Woke up this morning with the realisation that I won’t be ill forever and I need to start thinking about this. All suggestions welcome!

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