The A-Z business fleet guide U is for Uninsured

Business fleet uninsured
With a 2016 study from the RAC showing that 98 per cent of drivers would avoid telling their boss if penalty points had been received while driving, businesses with a fleet component need to stay on top of this to make sure nobody is uninsured.

Staff may not know problems such as penalty points could invalidate business vehicle insurance, meaning they could be putting themselves and their company in harm’s way.

There is new software available that uses the DVSA’s database to provide alerts to companies if a staff member has acquired points on their licence or had a road incident of some sort.

Again, this is where having a comprehensive fleet strategy and policy framework is beneficial. Businesses can then set in place official measures that determine how employees who fail to notify their managers of licence indiscretions will be dealt with.

The policy should also make it clear what the company’s policy on alcohol consumption, passengers, parking and other key factors are.

It’s also worth staying on top of updates to insurance policies, ensuring that the business operations are in line with these changes ahead of any claims that may need to be made.

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