Absolut nonsense

Has the world gone mad? Since when does a vodka company poke into the affairs of a British radio station? Is it a bid to generate headlines – in which case, oops – or does the Swedish vodka brand actually believe that the rock’n’roll station is trying to steal their thunder?

And Absolut isn’t the only drinks company having a bash. Earlier this week, Diageo announced that it was going to war with Sainsbury’s after they launched a refreshing, summer tipple names Pitcher’s. We’re not stupid, guys. Just because Pitcher’s begins with a "P", does not mean we’re going to forget all about the existence of Pimms.

Although, Pitcher’s is a bit cheaper, and Real Business is a bit hard up this month…

Back to the point. Are these so-called "infringements" really a big deal? Or are these just minor storms in teacups, dreamed up by bored (and probably p*ssed) company execs after a few too many jugs of cocktail?

What do you think? Have you ever suffered the slings and arrows of copycat infringements? Are you pro-Absolut (the vodka, not the station. Ah, we see where confusion might arise. But only because Absolut – the vodka – started it)? Were you personally responsible for stealing Pimms’ secret recipe for Sainsbury’s? We want to hear from you!Related articles Tyrrell’s gets into vodka, and it’s no small potatoes FEATURE: Alcoholic Anonymous How I sold to connoisseurs

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