Accountants launch “no win, no fee” service

“Basically, we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is and saying if it’s not possible to add value and put you back together stronger than before or push you forward to the next level, then we don’t deserve to be paid,” explains Smillie.

Sochall adds: “If we can add value to a business, with the management team being totally behind us, we’ll take our reward out of the added value that we’ve helped to create.”

For the concept to work, Sochall and Smillie say they’ll ask for two things:

1. A solid and real core business, something which, with the correct support and finance, could make good profits.

2. Directors who are committed to a reasonable and sensible way forward.

“We’ll consider most types of businesses, even if they are in deep financial problems, providing they satisfy the criteria,” says Sochall. “It really is a straightforward proposition.”

For further details, contact Mark Smillie on 020 7291 1060 or email him at

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