Accounting package measures emissions

The new functionality in its Access Dimensions accounting package enables businesses to account for emissions when they’re lodging day-to-day transactions.

Access has worked with DEFRA and the Carbon Trust to add the “green functionality” to its product, factoring in figures and guidelines on carbon emissions.

It says the only other measurement tools on the market, such as online calculators, bespoke systems and Excel functions, don’t offer the ease-of-use and cost efficiency of the Access software solution.

Access Accounting managing director John Beech says he’s been “bowled over” by the amount of interest in the product. “We believe it’s unique,” he adds, “and we’ve applied for a patent.”

While the product only allows for the accounting of carbon elements of regular transactions, Beech says there is also a journal faculty that allows users to take note of other business-related emissions. An example is emissions that result from manufacturing processes.

The accounting for carbon emissions functionality is available with the latest version of access’s Dimensions software at no extra charge.

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