Adam Afriyie MP: Hands-on business experience for children is a national priority

In an opinion piece for ConservativeHome, Adam Afriyie MP writes that most children never come into contact with the business world, and that this creates a major problem for Britain.

“If you’re exposed to business as a young person, you’re more likely to recognise self-employment as a serious and exciting career option later in life. It’s not a coincidence that many children of entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs themselves,” he writes.

Afriyie’s piece comes as The Entrepreneurs Network prepares to launch a new publication, An Entrepreneurs’ Manifesto, at the House of Lords today.

“Entrepreneurship is not just for middle-class kids or those from privileged backgrounds. It’s not just for children in London or the South East. I remember being struck at the event in Parliament by how many of the young entrepreneurs didn’t come from privileged backgrounds. Whatever your background, if you’re enterprising and hard-working, business will give you a leg up,” Afriyie continues.

“More children should have the chance to take part in setting up their own business at school. And I mean the whole caboodle: from registering a business and opening a bank account, to designing and selling their wares, paying taxes and taking home the profits. Schools are the natural place for this to happen.

“This doesn’t need to become part of the core curriculum to happen; the Education Secretary just needs to state, quite explicitly, that hands-on business experience is a national priority. This would signal to head teachers that they need to start thinking about broadening the experience they offer. Charities are ready and waiting to do the rest.”

You can read Adam Afriyie’s full article here.

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