Name: Adam Maurice

Age: 28

Company: The Internet Group

Turnover: ?5m 

First job: I worked remotely for a small internet company in Scotland after school each day. I would log-in from home and answer technical questions from their users. The best part about it was that I could earn money from sitting in front of my computer which, as a teenager, I was doing anyway!

Dream job: Private equity investor.

Car: Mercedes C250 ? but I miss my BMW Z4.

Economy, business or first class: Business all the time ? apart from my honeymoon when I went first class.

Most extravagant purchase: Not necessarily a purchase, but I would say that my daughter has been quite expensive thus far, and she is only five months old!

Most played song on iPod: “Don?t stop me now” by Queen.

Best business book: The Road Ahead by Bill Gates.

Worst business moment: I once faxed a copy of all our internal paperwork for a legal dispute over to the other sides? solicitors. Not only was that was very embarrassing it was expensive too. Needless to say, I haven?t used a fax machine since!

Proudest business moment: Every single time I go to see our clients and they tell me that The Internet Group has made a positive impact on their business. That is the bit that is really rewarding for me.

Business mentor: I am lucky that one of my co-directors had previously run a large business for more than 30 years with 600 staff before exit. His knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Next big thing: Growth of IT outsourcing.

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