Name: Adam Shaw

Age: 38

Company: Assured Recruitment Group

Turnover: ?6m

First job: I started working at weekends and after school from the age of 13, in a family business selling motorbikes. I also used to go to car auctions (with my Dad) from the age of five. I bought and sold my first car when I was 14. 

Dream job: Moto GP Rider or F1 driver. I?ve always admired people who are the best in their sport. The hard work, commitment, focus and passion it takes to reach the top levels are all traits I believe make you successful in business.

Car: Porsche 911 C2S (personal) and an Audi q7 ABT (family). I love cars!

Economy, business or first class: Economy every time for business (I like to lead by example). For family trips, we will sometimes treat ourselves. It depends on where we are going and how many air-miles we have saved!

Most extravagant purchase: Watches (and not just for me).

Most played song on iPod: I have a varied taste in music. The only time I get to listen to my iPod is when I am running or at the gym, so it’s mainly house music (ranging from classic to electro and advanced modern house). “Energy Flash” by Joey Beltram is an all time favourite.

Best business book: I was given my first business book aged 11, called The Trotter Way to Millions, which my sister had bought me for Christmas. I then moved onto Jack Welch?s books, Winning and Straight from the Gut. My favourite Jack Welch book is his very concise 29 leadership secrets. 

Worst business moment: As a recruitment business, nothing pains me more than when we hire the wrong people for ourselves!

Proudest business moment: Setting up Assured ? getting the keys and walking into the new office on that first day.

Business mentor: My Dad, who taught me how to sell and from whom I learnt a lot of common sense. Before starting Assured, I was a director at Caudwell Group for seven years, so John Caudwell was, without doubt, a massive inspiration to me. To be an instrumental part of building his group from 1,500 to over 10,000 staff was a huge experience. 

Next big thing: Hopefully a government that really embraces entrepreneurial businesses. There are signs of promising programmes for an enterprise-led recovery, such as StartUp Britain, which is not only backed by government but big corporate names too, such as Axa, Dell and Microsoft. Hopefully the incentives on offer will encourage people to take a risk. I think real support for SMEs will help stimulate growth; it has to be the way forward.

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