Addison Lee boosts eco credentials with acquisition of Climate Cars

In March 2014 it was that Addison Lee would be one of the first companies to place an app on the Apple Watch, which followed on from a six-figure advertising and product development campaign launched in October.

Addison’s chief commercial officer, Peter Boucher, explained that the company was refreshing itsmarketing strategy and would be looking at new ways to provide a “stand-out customer journey” from beginning to end.

To create a better offering and “give passengers an even greater choice of vehicle”, Addison Lee has acquired two companies during 2015. The first was Cyclone VIP, which would sit alongside its corporate and international divisions, with the second now being Climate Cars a businessformed in 2007 by Nicko Williamson at the age of 22.

I looked at the Virgins of the world who go into an existing market and provide something else,” Williamson said, noting that the inspiration for the business came from Addison Lee itself.

While studying at Bristol University, he kept driving by a petrol convergence station that was advertising itself as a green fuel business. There he formed the idea that he could convert a normal car to run on liquefied petroleum gas, which was “much greener” and the emissions lower.

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It was at that point I suddenly thought of taxis, as I had been in and out of London where everybody was using this company called Addison Lee, the biggest in the market, and I just thought why can’t I make this greener he said.

The deal is set to bolster Addison Lees environmental credentials after the company won the Green500 Diamond Award twice and was voted Green Fleet Of The Year.

CEO Liam Griffin suggested that the company now be called Efficient-Lee”, explaining that the company is working with Ford to increase the miles you can travel per gallon, and that Addison Lee is trying to find a way to burn fuels so that there are no emissions.

He suggested the deal would go a long way in boosting the Addison Lee “eco offering”, providing more variety with the “same best-in-class experience” expected.

This comes in addition to upgrades such as 4G Wi-Fi implemented in each vehicle and a new customer loyalty scheme set to be launched.

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