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Mobile advertising solutions

While mobile phones could take brand marketing to a whole new level, the sheer complexity and fragmentation of mobile media threatened to hold the medium back. AdMaxim, however, provides an integrated mobile advertising platform which allows agencies and brands to create and manage mobile campaigns across devices and networks. Their complete end-to-end system covers all stages of the process, from creative design and planning, bidding and buying inventory and campaign management.

AdMaxim is the first of a new generation of mobile advertising technologies capable of integrating a variety of mobile formats and creative options, within a real-time optimisation and audience targeting system.

The company has run campaigns for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including Shell, Sony Music, Absolut Vodka and Burberry. AdMaxim’s growth targets for the next 12 months anticipate a trebling of revenues across their existing office network. They also expect increased growth on top of this from several new international office locations and perspective partnerships.

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