Adnams boosts bottom line with clever CSR

Adnams has spent just short of £10m on “greening” their buildings, technology and brewing processes. It was the first brewery to achieve the GoodCorporation standard for responsible business practice, passing first time and maintaining extremely high standards since.

“Responsible behaviour is engrained in the Adnams’ culture, it informs our work practices, our planning and the way we do business,” says Adnams director Steve Curzon. “No amount of policy documents or sustainability reports can achieve this if the culture of responsibility is not embedded within an organisation.”

The protection of the environment is not just seen as a cost-saving wheeze either. The launch of the UK’s first carbon-neutral beer reinforces the company’s ability to put a premium price on its products. The reduction of glass in its bottles reduces the weight of the lorries leaving the distribution centre, substantially reducing fuel costs.

Since implementing the changes, the £46m-turnover firm has seen profits grow a whopping 65 per cent to nearly £7m.

Just goes to show it pays to be green.

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