Alan Sugar?s new entrepreneur Apprentice

Something tells RB there’s going to be fireworks.

Bjayou is confident at best, and deluded and arrogant at worst. He says: “The spoken word is my tool (I’m a) terrific conversationalist and raconteur, with incredible charisma. (I’m) priceless, absolutely priceless.”

Having been hooked to the third series of The Apprentice, RB has seen the indomitable Sugar show many “priceless” candidates just how expendable they are.

The millionaire businessman does not suffer fools gladly. What is Bjayou doing, claiming to have “never lost an argument” and making grand statements about having “faced death in the face many times”! (Faced the face of death in the face, perhaps?)

And what of Bjayou’s entrepreneurial credentials. Please don’t say this is yet another “Liam Young”. (The Big Brother housemate, and *entrepreneur* claimed to run a £200,000-turnover hosting company, despite there being no record of the business at Companies House.)

Bjayou appears to be the founder of Infinitate, an import/export company specialising in niche, hard-to-find products. The tag-line reads: “Bringing the world to you.” And Bjayou’s tradenote claims a turnover of between US$2.5-5m.

Well, the firm is registered with Companies House, though no accounts have been filed as yet. The company was only incorporated in 2006.

The website looks legit, if a bit vague. “Here at Infinitate Limited we believe in our clients… we give your products the attention they deserve, attention that other companies fail to give. “

Despite boasting several deals with big international corporations, no further information about these contracts is available.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

The new series of The Apprentice starts on the 26th March. Set your PVRs for BBC1, 9pm. Let’s see what this "entrepreneur" is really made of.

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