Alastair Crawford

Name: Alastair Crawford

Age: 42

Company: and

Turnover: n/a

First job: I had a temp job at the GLC filing papers and got mixed up with a Cambridge Science Undergrad starting his work experience on the same day. I spent two days in a GLC lab culturing bacteria and mixing up sulphuric acid before the undergrad plucked up the courage to ask whether filing was really appropriate work experience. I was paid a week?s pay as compensation too!

Dream job: Explorer

Car: Still driving my 10 year old Jaguar XK8.

Economy, business or first-class: Economy on a day time flight (with my iPad!), maybe World Traveller Plus if I’m travelling overnight and I need to get some sleep. 

Most extravagant purchase: My house, which cost ?495,000, but that was ten years ago.

Most played song on your iPod: I just moved to Android, and it changes week to week… right now it’s Amy Winehouse.

Best business book: Don?t make me think! by Steve Krug.

Worst business moment. Having to win a High Court case against the Royal Mail over our right to use UK postcodes.

Proudest business moment: Launching to help small businesses market themselves.

Business mentor: Steve Jobs

Next big thing: Kabbee ? it?s an awesome iPhone app that lets you order a local mini-cab at the touch of a button. 

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