Alex Cheatle on Ten UK’s phenomenal growth

Cheatle inadvertently spoke to a few journalists about his London-based startup. “The next thing I knew, there were articles in the Sunday Times and the Evening Standard – and we had members all over the country. We hadn’t prepared for that and it took us a few years to recover.”

Ten’s clients are high-powered entrepreneurs, sports stars and busy professionals who use the service to find everything from sold-out concert tickets to reliable plumbers, ensuring their lives run without a hitch. “We now have 150,000 members,” says Cheatle. “That works fine now we have 150-200 employees – but it was very difficult when there were just 30 of us.”

Cheatle also developed a similar service for headmasters and school teachers, which he says was a much easier kettle of fish: “They all face the same waves of government policies, run the same shaped organisations and the same types of employees – so scaleability wasn’t a problem.”

Cheatle, one of the winners of our Customer Kings campaign which we ran in conjunction with Cisco, says clients are his top priority. And he’s not just paying lip service. “Many firms say their customers are top of their list when, actually, their main concern is building shareholder value.

"At Ten, we exist to earn (and deserve) the trust of our customers. We simply can not do what a lot of marketing firms do – win the trust of their clients then screw them for as much money as possible. If we started abusing the trust of clients, many of my best employees would resign and walk out. It’s not what we’re about."

Watch our vodcast with Alex Cheatle here.

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