Name: Alex Hearn

Company: Kind Consumer

Dream job: Anything creative

Car: Currently none, the bicycle is king in London!

Economy, business or first-class: Normally economy, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Most played song on your iPod: Difficult one but probably James Brown’s “Get up off that thing”.

Business book: Edward De Bono’s Lateral Thinking for sharpening creativity and Seizing the White Space by M Johnson is an eye-opener for exploring innovation. Currently reading Tata: The evolution of a corporate brand by Witzel, because India looks like a real opportunity at the moment.

Worst business moment: The first ever declines on investment many years ago when you’re not prepared, the early ones always hit the hardest!

Proudest business moment: Working with great people every day who all are on a journey towards a common goal.

Business mentor: Thomas Edison, the thinker, inventor and entrepreneur who helped shape the 20th century.

Next big thing: The birth of the Personal Fabricator, being able to print any product in your own home, at any time of the day.

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