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All I want for Christmas are working days, rain and Susans

Dear Santa,

CEOs are always difficult people to buy for, so what do we really want for Christmas Im not so bothered about the day itself, but as CEO at an ecommerce company it’s the run-up that I have a wish list for. 

Were in the zone now; our last day for changes to the website is long past and were hurtling towards the last ordering date that will ensure delivery in time for Christmas (17 December; I know, very early compared to you, but sadly I dont have elves in the factory or reindeer for overnight, global delivery). 

So if I could sneak a few gifts in before the big day, heres my wish list for a model ecommerce Christmas:

  • As few weekends in December as possible. I need as many delivery days as can be fitted in and fewer weekends which might encourage high street shopping. Saturdays can bring a drop of 3 per cent on orders. And in terms of getting everything delivered on time, Christmas day on a Sunday would be perfect.
  • Rain but no snow. I dont mind a dreary, wet month as when it rains we see sales rise. More rain means staying inside and shopping online. But can temperatures remain above freezing Id rather it didnt snow, as that can bring delivery chaos (especially in the UK). Ditto any postal strikes.
  • How about a rush of creativity inspired by good news Something like the ice-bucket challenge, but without the ice and on a t-shirt (*makes note to get the marketing team on this for next year*). Or maybe just something properly silly like the various @Trumpton parody accounts on Twitter From our international perspective, the British seem particularly keen on this sort of stuff.
  • Wed love as many Susans as you can find Our in-house name for our target customer; Susan does more shopping for family and friends than our other customer, which means her basket rate is higher. In the Christmas season we see the number of women ordering with us go up by 250 per cent and our sales from the kids category increases 210 per cent. Maybe our big summer purchasers, Mikes (fun t-shirts) and Stevens (team shirts), could be a bit more active in the winter months too
  • Wed like to encourage people to give a personalised gift, rather than vouchers. We do offer gift vouchers, although they make up a very small part of our portfolio. However, in the weeks before Christmas, we sell around 250 per cent more than in a normal week. Wed much rather people received something customised and made just for them though. Getting creative at Christmas can produce something really special and make both the giver and receiver proud. Two happy people for the same marketing cost (I know, not very Christmassy!), but it’s the thought that counts at this time of year, as we all know.

Then all I need on Christmas day is dinner with my loved ones and the sense of relief which comes with the last parcel leaving the factory, the last postage label going on, the last delivery to our customers homes. I know youll appreciate that feeling.

Thanks and happy Christmas,


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