Alternative investments: fine wine and spirits

The great thing about fine wine is the more people drink it, the rarer and more expensive it gets. 

As a commodity, wine is on a rollercoaster ride with inflationary pressures caused by sudden interest from Asia boosting the market by nearly 40 per cent last year alone.

But wine isn?t the only tipple that could earn you a tidy profit. Martin Edmondson, founder and chief executive of Graduates Yorkshire, has invested ?800 in 300 bottles of whisky which could be worth ?6,000 or more ? at least a 750 per cent return ? when his batch matures.

?I will be getting involved with the distillation process and have an input on the style and taste. The name is my choice and some friends who run a branding agency have agreed to create some great packaging, which is vital with whisky,” he says.

?You have to be a patient person to invest in whisky: it needs a minimum of ten years maturation. When it’s ready, we will incur some bottling and duty costs, but should be able to sell the majority of the whisky at significant profit as it will be unique and of interest to collectors around the world.? 

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