Amazon expected to launch 3D smartphone

The launch will be seen as a stake in the ground for Amazon which is battling the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple to be the tech company which dominates our lives.

The firm posted a teaser video which purports to show impressed customers marvelling at the new device:

There are reports that the phone will incorporate multiple cameras to allows users to control functions with their face or head movements, and that it could 3D graphics which are visible without using special glasses.

It has been speculated that Amazon is likely to price the product below the market leaders, selling at a loss or near-loss in order to make more money back through selling content.

The move is seen as an attempt to capitalise on the growing use of mobile tech for ecommerce. This comes seven years after the launch of its Kindle product, which gave Amazon greater control over the sale and consumption of ebooks.

The launch is scheduled for 6:30PM GMT. 

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