Amazon’s attempt to eclipse Black Friday isn’t going well, according to Twitter

Amazon sold over 5.5.m items on Black Friday, which works out at 64 a second. It has promised its latest marketing scheme will eclipse that. Those who subscribe to its Prime service ? paying ?79 a year for unlimited next-day delivery ? aren’t so sure. They’ve been pretty underwhelmed with what’s available.

While numerous sites have gathered the best deals on offer, many customers haven’t been won over just yet.?It did though seem to encourage the needless buying a discount sign often inspires ? whether or not you need the product is always irrelevant in these situations.

More than anything, the internet superpower is using Prime Day as a nifty marketing trick. Scott Heimes, CMO of ecommerce provider Digital River, said Amazon was ?taking a page out of the Alibaba playbook?.?

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Alibaba capitalises on Singles Day ??an annual shopping event that sees the retail giant rake in around ?5.9bn in sales. Similary, ?Amazon is creating a holiday for its consumers,? according to Heimes. It’s yet to be seen whether the ecommerce site will up the ante with the deals on offer later during Prime Day.

There were the odd few on Twitter who were getting in the spirit of things?

The extensive deals on tupperware did backfire in some respects though:

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