An alternative growth plan for Britain

I told you we wouldn’t mind if you violently disagreed with our Real Business growth plan. Here are some tasty responses from Alan Ford, managing director of Ditis:

1. Do NOT remove the cap on migrant workers. We have 2.5m unemployed so we should be retraining them and not putting our social infrastructure – schools, housing, hospitals, etc – under even more pressure.

2. You cannot scrap the minimum wage – this would, in effect, produce a wage cut for the lower paid. Come to Lincolnshire and take a look at agricultural and food factory wages – ?13K basics is the norm and please don’t give me any of the official crap about the average income being ?25K a year ? it isn’t! And before you start to question the anti-business of the minimum wage I would suggest that you take a look at the home of capitalism ? Uncle Sam ? because they also use a similar system.

3. I am surprised that you didn’t ask for a N.I holiday for new start-ups [NB: we already did this in our Saving Britain’s Future proposals] 4. The banks need to be leaned on to offer the Enterprise Finance Guarantee in a more open minded approach. Why can’t Cable beat the banks up over this? Why not transfer the EFG to the Bank of England and put Lord Sugar in charge of it?

5. Increase the tax breaks under the EIS, say, by 50 per cent but only for the next three years.

6. Reintroduce the three-year tax-free break when a company opens a head office in the UK.

7. Government to introduce a long term commitment to slash corporation tax by one per cent per year for ten years.

8. The State owns in excess of ?200bn in property ? start by selling off all of Whitehall and Downing Street and then lease the properties back.

9. Sell Channel 4.

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