An entrepreneur’s letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

Please may I have… 

  1. Something serious done about ridiculous HR laws and the ability to easily dispose of staff who fail to do their jobs.
  2. An immediate overhaul of the laws of debt collection and a review of the function of the courts and the bailiffs so that they actually collect for businesses.
  3. Ways of making the so-called experts in business such as your accountant considerably more accountable.
  4. A few less government ministers leaping on re-vamped bandwagons about mentoring schemes as an excuse to further their own careers and a bit more concentration on measures that actually help businesses.
  5. The Olympics to prove a positive force to the British economy and not turn out to be a further burden on our national debt. (Greece? Need I say more!)
  6. Someone to rise up and strangle (or alternatively, government take action against) pressure-buying from the larger supermarkets and stores that have long put small businesses out of business.
  7. The press following the lead that Real Business set at the start of this recession and endeavouring to talk us out of, rather than into, further recession.
  8. Britain out of Europe. Sorry, my views are well known on this.
  9. Or, second choice, Dave Cameron to stick to his recently discovered guns and keep Britain?s own voice.
  10. Oh and ideally Santa, you could solve the entire world economic crisis. But, failing that, I hope all Real Business readers and I grow profitable little sledges to help us through 2012.
Jan Cavelle is founder of The Jan Cavelle Furniture Company

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