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An uncomfortable mattress can lead to low-quality sleep and chronic joint pain

The truth behind the hotel sleep secret, however, has more to do with the mattress and bedding that many high-end hotels use, and less to do with the escape from the typical routine reason that many people point to.

8 hours per day: spend what your sleep is worth

Many people spend huge amounts on their cars, despite spending just a few hours a day inside them. You spend anywhere from ten to eight hours a day in bed, so make sure that you allocate a large enough budget to your mattress and bedding.

Cheap, uncomfortable mattresses have been linked to a long list of conditions. From low-quality sleep (and the nasty moods it can result in) to chronic joint pain, a cheap mattress often costs you far more than it saves, in the long term.

Soft or firm: which is best for quality sleep?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best type of mattress for refreshing, high quality sleep. Some people insist that soft mattresses are the best, while others pick firmer, less flexible mattresses for more rigid yet still comfortable sleep.

The truth is that both types of mattress are equally as good, as long as you feel comfortable with your choice. If you like your bedding firm and rigid, go for a firm mattress. If you like to sink into the bed as soon as you hop in, consider a soft store-bought mattress, or even bespoke mattresses for extra comfort.

Share a Bed Search for an adjustable mattress

One of the biggest hindrances to quality sleep may not come from your mattress, but from the other side of the bed. If you share a bed, make sure you buy a mattress with adjustable firmness on both sides of the bed for customised and personal sleep.

Selecting the right mattress can have a huge impact on your sleep quality. Choose a mattress that suits you (and if you share a bed, your partner) to avoid waking up in a bad mood.

Neil Seed is founder of ODD mattress.



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