The anatomy of a venture capital deal – as told by a menswear entrepreneur

Office Hours pitch

Kruger: Steve and I met Matthew at the end of November a few hours after getting back from a visit to our overseas production team.

We gave the backstory to the business and highlighted what we saw as structural inefficiencies within the global fashion supply chain and why we thought that gave bad value to consumers. We showed our demo again and presented a view on what we thought could be a better fashion-buying experience.

Matthew indicated straight away that he would be interested in meeting us again. We met him again the following week along with fellow investor Luke and went through a bit more detail about the traction we had gained so far with our offline business, how much funding we were looking for, what we hoped to spend it on and how we would scale-up.

Bradley: Jonathan and Steve came along to office hours and their pitch was utterly impressive.

When you come across some bright people, who seem like hard workers, who have a great idea, and who are a great “fit” for the pre-seed Forward Partners model, then I’ve got no hesitations in saying that we need a full hour meeting to explore the idea in further detail.

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