The anatomy of a venture capital deal – as told by a menswear entrepreneur

Full pitch

Kruger: In mid-December, we met the full investment team (now including managing partner Nic Brisbourne) and were grilled further on the defensibility of the business, the supply chain, etc. We also looked at the macro ideas around the way the clothing industry was changing and how we could fit into it.

We were very excited to be talking at this level at this stage of the process.

Bradley: At the full pitch stage, I was really impressed by Jonathan’s backstory with Jon Kruger London (the offline manifestation of his business), the way in which he approached customer learning and his hustle in sorting out foreign supply chains (something that I have experience of).

The guys presented a really strong case and I liked how “non-venture” they were – they seemed up for creating a great business, full stop. It’s the type of thing that I’m sure they’d have managed with or without venture funding and that’s a great thing to show.

There were some residual concerns about how possible this “magic fitting suit” witchcraft could be – and then we started mystery shopping.

Read on to see how Forward Partners got closer to the business by dropping in a product partner.

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