Another sales person bites the dust

Received an email from sales person who started in September announcing she’s not coming back.

Normally would be looking hard at department head, this having happened three times in under two months. However, while department head is new to job and will have made errors, this email is so full of inaccuracy in its comments about lack of training and support, that I can quite clearly where the responsibility lies (or rather the failing to take it).  Women only apply for a shop-floor job once in a blue moon and, given the small proportion of office staff, I have comparatively little experience in employing women over men. 

Sadly – and this from someone who would love to be championing employing women – my experiences overall have been extremely bad. As remarked to my office earlier, it is enough to make you want to be very sexist.   My one consolation in all this is that this particular resignation comes as no surprise to me. I had kept quiet due to my own current lack of confidence. However, perhaps this is a kick to me that actually my gut does still work and there is a reason I am running a business. 

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