App development myths and trends hold companies back

The most significant outcome of blur Group?s research is that?the costs of app development projects are much lower than assumed?by many businesses. From all of the app development projects?delivered at blur Group, 50 per cent were pitched under a value?of 3,000.?In fact, the average cost range started from 360 and ended at 105,111. This shatters all assumptions about app development?prices.

In the report, it becomes clear that the demand?for app development has skyrocketed. In fact, in 2013 a total of 188 app development project briefs were?submitted to blur Group?s Exchange. In 2014, however,?a total of 89 projects had been submitted in?January and February alone, with a staggering 59 app development?projects forecasted in March.?

This research goes hand-in-hand with a recent?Flurry Analytics report, which states that
app use in 2013 posted a 115 per cent year-over-year growth.

But despite 81 per cent of businesses stating that they had considered developing an app for their business, 76 per cent of organisations admitted that they were having difficulty getting app development off the ground.?

We conducted a survey to ask what the main reasons are for businesses considering and then dismissing their app idea.?The reasons given for not investing in an app were:

  • ?Not the right expertise? – 36 per cent;
  • ?Too time consuming? – 22 per cent; and
  • ?Not enough budget? – 20 per cent.
In fact, 76 per cent of businesses surveyed?said they thought it was too complicated to develop an app.

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