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5 Apple Watch apps to help your business run more effectively

The Apple Watch has proved its worth mainly by helping people get to grips with their wellbeing. The new 4 series is said to even come equipped with a heart monitor?” it will start an emergency call if it detects a user’s heart failing.

Health and fitness purposes aside, has the product lived up to smartphone standards” Many employers may have turned their backs to the watch, thinking it a pricey and non-business friendly purchase.

But there are several apps available to the device that will help you run yourcompany while on the go.

1. Invoice2Go

Withthe late payment culture still far from being addressed, cash flow has become a primary concern for business leaders. This nifty app,”however, will help you track contracts and get paid faster. It allows you to send and create invoices to customers on the go. Preview screens will pop up for review before anything gets sent and you?ll receive a notification when you’ve been paid.



2. Clear

It’s nothing fancy, but Clear removes the need for employers to be tethered to smartphones, as?well as notebooks and pens. The app allows you to create to-do lists and reminders with the help of voice recognition software. It’s easy to use and due to built-in iCloud software, it means being able to alter and tap into a Clear list you created on your office computer.

Price: 4.99


3. CommitTo3

The concept behind the CommitTo3 app is unique and brilliant. The aimis toessentially boost creativity and collaboration. You create a WhatsApp group of sorts with a team, setting three very specific end-goals. It’s up to everyone in the group to find a way to achieve those goals. As they say, it helps to have more than one brain tackle a situation.



4. Circa

When your workforce is spread across the world, it can prove challenging to get in touch for meetings. That’s where Circa comes in. The app tracks various time zones and calculates the best times to connect those time zones. With calendar functionality?built in, it’s easy to schedule global meetings in advance.

Price: 3.99


5. BetterWorks?” in conjunction with SalesForce

SalesForce has been a staple for many businesses, so you?ll be pleased to know it’s available on the Apple Watch as well. In fact, the BetterWorks app allows bosses to go one step further in tracking the performance of their sales team. You can quantify the progress of each individual, see which particular goal they?re working on and gives you more transparency and ability to steer them towards better efficiency.



At the end of the day, the Apple Watch could be seen as a good business investment. Don?t let its initial price stop you from making a purchase.


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