Apple Watch review – business tool or luxury gadget?

Battery life

The battery life is better than I expected – the watch is designed to conserve charge. When it is not being used, it sleeps and then wakes again when it detects movement like raising your arm to check the time, emails or tweets. Battery life easily lasts a leisure or work day and it is often still on 40-50 per cent when I put it on charge back at home.


If you are familiar with Siri already, you have an advantage, because to get the most out of the watch, you really need to get on with her – not something I was used to. Sending tweets or iMessages require you to speak into your wrist. You can of course answer the phone in this way too, but I’m not sure this is something I would do in public…

General Usage

Over the weekend I gave the fitness applications my attention over two hours of mountain biking and half an hour of football with my son, totaling over 1,000 calories burnt.

My heart rate across the day ranged from a relaxing 42bpm to 178 (given I am 42 years old that is bang on the recommended 220 age workout max). As is the case with most fitness bands, being able to compare results each day is where the value is rather than total accuracy.

Read more on the Apple Watch:

Room for improvement

As expected, many of the version one apps have performance and/or stability bugs. These will, of course, get addressed over time and were something I had expected. It is very much a ‘content consumption’ device, a similar feeling experienced when the iPad first came out. So I imagine the Apple Watch app ecosystem will also evolve.

There are a few things you either cannot seem to do (I’m still learning!) or that I haven’t tried out yet:

1. Inability to check your iPhone’s status. It would be useful to see the iPhone’s signal strength/3G (which you need for most of the features that run on the watch) and the iPhone’s battery.
2. Siri can be used to answer the phone and reply to text, but not emails.
3. There is only a weekly view on the calendar.
4. I’d like a Sonos controller app on the watch so that I can manage my music around the house from my wrist.


I’m generally impressed – I am using it during the working day and I expect it to evolve to become more focused around business as updates arrive and the app ecosystem develops.

But the greatest test for the Apple Watch had to be my wife’s verdict – would this be “another pointless gadget” or something she would want too?

The verdict is in… a 38mm Apple Watch Sport has been ordered!

Kevin Linsell is director of strategy & architecture at storage firm Adapt

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