Apprentice star gets nobbled by wall

De Lacy-Brown hasn’t had a great year. Not only was he the first candidate to be kicked off last season’s Apprentice, he’s currently plastered all over the news. Not for his business prowess, alas. He hasn’t started a property company to rival Suralan’s. No, the poor lad’s had his leg smashed to smithereens by a collapsed wall.

And the whole episode was captured on camera by a rogue gang of documentary filmmaking medics in the area. [Yes, RB is as confused as you are by this description.] Paramedics arrived on the scene after the trainee lawyer had been trapped for some minutes. They were, rather surreally according to a witness, armed with video-cameras and helped the pinned man whilst recording the whole episode.

De Lacy-Brown will be unable to walk without crutches for some months.

Still, at least he’s been propelled back into the press spotlight, rather than fading into insignificance.

Surely that’s worth losing a leg over?

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