* 30:30 Vison: With Britain’s traditional economy still languishing, a new generation of business heroes is emerging to lead in the rebuilding the UK economy. We reveal our future FTSE leaders.

* He was a pioneer of the UK internet sector, with companies including Planet Online, VData and the wildly successful Freeserve on his CV. And yet Philip Taysom has never done a press interview. Until now. Exclusive to Real Business, Taysom discusses the dawn of digital
and why he’s banking on a nanotech future.

* 27 ways to cut your energy bills: From pimping your boiler to using next-gen bulbs, we bring you 27 tried-and-tested ways to cut your energy overheads.

* Battling with Blackberry addiction? Agony Uncle Timpo on when to hit the “off” key.

* “The hardest part of global business isn’t the jet lag. It’s the way deals get done.” Margaret Heffernan tests out her pitching technique in Europe and the US – and discovers a big difference.

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