Archiving for retrieval not storage

For the vast majority of business users, the only option today when attempting to locate a key piece of information is to undertake an email search. And wait. With email folders ? especially the sent folder ? extending into the 10,000s and 100,000s, the standard Outlook search process is inadequate.?

In addition to being incredibly slow, the way Outlook works makes it incredibly difficult to find any email if you can?t remember the entire recipient list ? which is hardly helpful. It is rare to find the information required in less than 15 minutes, more frequent to fail to find it at all ? especially if the original email has been deleted! What a ridiculous waste of what should be highly productive time.

The problem is that most archive solutions are about storage, not retrieval. Yet in a world of exploding data volumes, effective information retrieval is now an essential business tool. The reality is that most email users would bite your hand off for fast, guaranteed access to email; for a way of using a Google style key word search to rapidly locate the right information.

By combining an archive of every email ever sent and received with key word search, individuals have a fast track way of locating documents and pdfs that have been mysteriously misfiled; and can instantaneously access that critical piece of information embedded in the email message. With the right approach, there is no need for big data to be a constraint to corporate productivity but an enabler for more efficient, rapid and insight-led decision making.

Andrew Millington is the CEO of Exclaimer

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