Are apps the new Hollywood scripts?

“Are apps the new Hollywood scripts?”

This quote has come from an article I recently read, about the “Value of Ideas”. It refers to the idea that, in Hollywood, everyone has an idea for a great movie, no matter their experience or current working role.

The technology industry is not too different. People come from the most peculiar backgrounds to develop and create technology that either changes the world or creates alternatives to the norm. Whichever it falls into, it’s very true that with the availabilities of new technologies at very low start-up costs, we are in a very creative time where we see new products and services enter the market and disrupt the current flow of industries.

I myself believe very strongly that unlike Hollywood’s fame for being notoriously hard to break into the market, if you have an an idea for improving or creating new market processes and ideas, why not give it a go and find out.

I’m not promoting apps, by the way… Rather, I’m promoting the idea that in business we need to follow what I see as an example industry in: technology. Where we see constant disruption and more chances being taken with the approach to common business structures online.

This may be as the online realm is still in its infancy and we have lots to understand and learn. It does, however, show us first hand that there is no harm in trying something different to put your stamp on the industry.

Online is certainly leading the way, with a new age in marketing, and the ever increasing levels of service customers expect. So here are a few ideas to fuel your “Business Reset / Revive”.

Have a look at ways you can connect with your market online. Find out what people are missing from the industry, where you can improve your customer relations and overall take a look at the processes you have in place for customer feedback, your online brand, what you talk about and show through your website or social media. Then work back from there.

I say this as it is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to start and understand what your competitors are offering and how you can improve your service and, overall, push the business forward. Remind yourself of the reasons people already do business with you, and work from there to show off more of your personality or added value.

Change must be a part of your business in order for you to work up to the top and stay there. Constantly pushing small changes over times creates an ever evolving business and one people want to be a part of – whether they are buying from you or helping create a sale.

James Curran is the founder of, “developing social reputation and creating search results for organisations online“.

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