Are you using SEO to market your website?

The web transformed the way we reach out to customers. But how do you make sure that your website gets seen?

Given that most web traffic is driven by search engines, it’s critical that you make your website ?Google friendly.? This is particularly important given that 75 per cent of users never scroll past the first page of search results, and the top result gets a third of all clicks.

SEO (or search engine optimisation) is the use of appropriately placed keywords and links, among other methods, to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

According to business broadband and phone providers XLN Telecom, a survey of their customers found that, of those businesses who had a website, only half said they used SEO to drive customers to their website.

Christian Nellemann, XLN’s CEO and Founder, says: ?If our survey?s figures hold out even remotely against the national picture then there?s a startling amount of business going uncontested online.

?Ninety three per cent of all internet traffic is generated from search engines, so the half that have optimised their sites are making hay while the rest sit around and wait for the phone to ring.?

Tips for boosting SEO:?


Think about what search terms your potential customers would use on Google. As well as the name of your business, useful keywords could include the name of the product or service you provide, and possibly a location, e.g. ?”west London plumbers” or “Manchester accountants”.?


The trick is to mention these keywords on your website often, but not to the point it becomes obvious, at which point it could even damage your SEO. One of the best ways to use keywords is through publishing content, such as a company blog, with a reasonable sprinkling of the keywords.?

Text format

Put your keywords in italics, bold, in the title of the post or as a subheading, as the search engines will particularly pick up on these. The same goes for picture captions.?

Spread your content around

One of the best ways to boost your search ranking success is for your site to be linked to on another website. Sharing your content through social media will encourage others to pass it on.?

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