Arsène Wenger on management – exclusive

Arsène Wenger is the businessman’s football coach. Wenger may not have Ferguson’s trophies, but he has transfomed football management in Britain forever, bringing the very latest mental and physiological thinking to his craft. Not only that, his ability to achieve results while working to a moderate budget is astonishing. Arsenal chairman Peter Hil-Wood has said that, due to Wenger’s unrivalled skill in the transfer market and understanding of when to offload a big-name player (cf, Anelka, Henry, Viera), his net spend on players each year is no more than £5m. And his actual tropy-winning record ain’t bad either: In the 12 seasons since he arrived, Arsenal have finished in the top two eight times and not once failed to qualify for the Champions League.

So Real Business (even the Liverpool fans among us) is thrilled to announce that Arsène Wenger will be a keynote contributor at our inaugural Real Business/LMA Annual Management Conference on September 24 at the Emirates Stadium.

Guests will be able to hear the Arsenal legend sharing his thoughts on management in turbulent times; and on unifying an international team. And you’ll be able to put your own questions. This is a rare opportunity indeed and we haven’t got many tickets.

A reminder of some of the management brilliance of the man from Strasbourg:

– "If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all."

– "At a young age winning is not the most important thing… the important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence "

– "I think in England you eat too much sugar and meat and not enough vegetables"

– "You don’t worry about the opposition, you just get your own act together"

– "I didn’t see that particular incident"

"Touchline to Boardroom" will bring together, for the first time, business leadership with football management to explore and learn from each other. It will be an incredible day, chaired by Brentford FC boss (and former BBC DG) Greg Dyke and featuring speakers such as: retail guru Archie Norman, Everton FC boss David Moyes and Permira private equity legend Damon Buffini.

We mean it when we say: book your tickets now! Call Jo Cox on 020 7368 7163 or email

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