Ashley Mackenzie

Name:Ashley Mackenzie

Age: £39


First job:”My first real job was as a media plannerbuyer at TMD Carat after university. They were innovating hard, winning business left, right and centre and had a genuine rockstar?management?team they were the hottest shop in London. They offered me a graduate starting salary of £10,500 but I negotiated them up to a better title and £13,000. It feels like I’ve been doing deals ever since.

Dream job:No3 for England cricket team or VP sales and marketing at YouTube …watch out Lucas!

Car:?Volvo XC90

Economy, business or first class:?Economy normally, but business if flying overnight/long-haul and going straight to a partner from the plane.

Most extravagant purchase:?$1900 on a Samsung, 55″ LED, connected-TV. “Watching TV” is not an adequate description of my relationship with that screen.

Most played song on iPod😕The Climb by?Miley Cyrus (but I also like the Joe McElderry version!).

Best business book😕Only the Paranoid Survive byAndy Grove.

Worst business moment:Not being able to persuade a former boss to structure a partnership in the way being offered to us. We lost the deal, 10 people lost their jobs.

Proudest business moment: Relocating to the US for Base79 and at the same time seeing our UK business take-off. We have created a great business full of amazingly-talented people that genuinely adds value.

Business mentor:?I listen to my external partners and team most but if I wanted to name one, it would have to be my Dad.

Next big thing:?EasyCabs, watch this space.

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