Ask Timpo: a day at the races ? who to invite?

A: Don’t select colleagues who can’t resist brow beating guests with sales talk. They are not there to push your product, sell consultancy or plug your advertising agency – their job is to help your clients enjoy the day. As soon as the racing starts, your guests will want to watch the horses. If you’d wanted to talk business, you might have been better off booking a table at Claridges.  

If you are not a race goer yourself, do a bit of homework. Go to a meeting and check it all out: the paddock, the betting, the terminology and the race card. Check your package: where will they park? Who organises the drink? Are you in a box and what are you getting for lunch (‘I’m allergic to garlic!’)?  You don’t need a home team of more than four. For most of the day, your guests will entertain each other but you need to look after them until they start betting on the first race. If possible, find someone with enough knowledge to talk your guests through the race card, explain the form and offer a few helpful tips. Then let them enjoy the day. They won’t want to be stuck at your expensive table in your exclusive box – they have come to watch the races, so make sure they enjoy it.

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