Ask Timpo: Am I performing?

A: Whoever you turn to for objective judgement, you can never be certain that you are getting the truth, so why bother? Why not simply assume that you are doing a decent job, but can do better – because that is probably the truth.  

You are already surrounded by regular measures of your own performance. I judge myself by the cash balance every day, sales figures every week and our monthly management accounts. Other key pointers are the level of customer complaints, number of long-service employees and the rate of staff turnover. The most frank assessment, designed to keep my feet on the ground, comes from my wife, Alex.

Arrogant, clever clogs don’t make good managers. No-one is perfect and an optimist is seldom as good as he thinks he is. However, Mr Arrogant doesn’t listen – an appraisal of him would be a waste of time. You are clearly more humble than Mr Clever. The fact that you are worried is a good sign. When running a business it helps to be paranoid.  

Forget about the performance appraisal. Just assume you can improve. A true entrepreneur is never satisfied – there is always more left to achieve.

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