Ask Timpo – car parking priorities

Some people may think this is a trivial matter but it is an important indicator of your company culture. In the 1960s all our senior executives had a designated parking space – the most senior were nearest the front door. This led to arrogance by the management and bad feeling from the workforce.

One day a young shop supervisor who had driven from Wolverhampton for an early meeting, innocently parked in Bay No 2. The proud possessor of that parking space arrived an hour later and blocked in the poor visitor who had to stay for the rest of the day.

I have never forgotten that incident. Today we only reserve parking places for visitors and the disabled plus one designated space for "The Colleague of the Month".

Talk to your team about practical solutions – car sharing, free bicycle hire or a shower and changing room so that keen colleagues can run to work. If all else fails look for an overflow car park or move office.

Whatever you do never make parking a privilege for the top brass, spaces should be available on a first come basis – even for you.

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