Ask Timpo: do you Tweet?

A: No! This agony uncle adventure into journalism is as near as I expect to get to Twittering.

I am slow to embrace new technology – it took me some time to grasp Sky Plus and adapt to the BlackBerry.  I can’t contemplate providing a personal commentary on Twitter.

But, I do, passionately believe in plenty of open communication (I understand the current buzz word is transparency). We keep in contact with over 800 shops nationwide by producing two newsletters every week – one for Timpson and the other for our Klick/Max Spielmann photo shops.

Each newsletter has 16 pages of news about our business – a few serious stories from Head Office, the odd meaningful memo from middle management, but mostly news sent in by colleagues from around the country with loads of pictures of people.

Most people find it easier to read pictures rather than words – and they prefer to receive news on paper rather than by email. We know our newsletters are being read when they are spotted at the back of our shops on the floor by the loo.

That brings me back to Twitter – I can’t believe that anyone could be interested in the intimate details of my day. Besides, I reveal quite enough through this Q&A.

Picture: source

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