Ask Timpo: Is the customer always right?

A: Your priority is clear: colleagues come first, not customers. This man is making your sales assistant?s life such a misery that she could, if she wished, sue you for harassment. And, if you don?t support her against this ignorant man, she deserves to be awarded substantial damages.

Although we have built a reputation based on customer care, I do not believe ?the customer is always right?. You should always be strong enough to refuse customers who cause more trouble than they are worth.

Meet this cruel customer face to face and tell him why he is out of order. If you wish to keep his custom, ask him to ring before he comes to the shop so you can be there to serve him yourself.

If you want to take a stronger line, that?s fine, ban him from your shop.? You are totally entitled to just serve the customers you want.


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