Ask Timpo: Should I start a cycle-to-work scheme for my employees?

A: I do not cycle to work. I have three excuses: 1) I’m 66 years old 2) I live 28 miles from the office 3) I use the M56

I have, however, been on my bike in the past. Fifteen years ago, I rode from Street in Somerset to the centre of Norwich – 350 miles in four days. I know how tiring biking can be.

I am terrified driving in the London rush hour surrounded by a swerving swarm of cyclists eager to prove it is the quickest way to commute, but cyclists in Manchester are much kinder to motorists.

We have our own bike-to-work scheme (helped by full changing facilities at the office) but we ignored government money and avoided red tape. We simply went to Tesco and bought four bikes for £40 each, which employees borrow whenever they wish (one has been stolen but the remaining three are well used).

I leave major exercise to my son James who sometimes cycles to work (30 miles). He recently became a fitness fanatic and a regular tri-athlete. I’m not going to try and keep up with James but accept that exercise is a great way to relax, relieve stress and keep fit. A regular training programme should be part of every executive’s routine. For me these days, it’s tennis twice a week and a round of golf. I might not be super fit but at least I’m near the top of our office tennis ladder.  

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