Ask Timpo: What?s your business motto?

A: I don’t go in for personal mottos or mission statements but have found several things that work so well I intend to always keep doing them.  Here is my top 10:

1) Pick personalities. When you recruit, look at the person not the CV

2) Look after your best people. Find lots of tangible ways to praise your star performers

3) Discriminate against drongos. If you employ Mr Lazy, Miss Dishonest, Mrs Late or Mr Grumpy, they will get in the way of good business – don’t dither, get them to leave as soon as you can

4) Don’t issue orders. Trust your people to run the business on your behalf

5) Visit every shop. Relentlessly keep meeting your colleagues and seeing every part of the business

6) Praise ten times as much as you criticise. You do much more good by saying and writing “well done” than telling people off

7) Keep investing in training. If you keep helping your people to get better, they will make you more money

8) Take plenty of holidays. Workaholics seldom work miracles. Book regular vacations, take a break from the office and give your colleagues a bit of a break from you

9) Check the bank balance every day. Compare your cash with the same day last year – it is the best way to measure company performance

10) Make easy decisions. Don’t make life difficult – concentrate on the no-brainers  Picture: source

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