Ask Timpo: What?s your new year?s resolution?

A: I don’t set myself any personal goal; I make no new year’s resolutions; I don’t join a gym every January. My only key personal indicator is to take an extra week’s holiday every year (and I have failed miserably). My extra holiday idea was doomed to failure, though – I still have a pretty full diary and Alex, my wife, hates planning more than three months ahead. Consequently, I do well to find four weeks that work for both of us.

On the business front, I have a wishlist with no numbers attached. I believe forward plans with statistical targets will, in retrospect, make you look foolish. Instead, we have a strategy full of ideas but only forecast sales and profits 12 months ahead.

My wishlist concentrates on things that could make a major difference and usually includes one or two takeover targets (I have none at the moment).

In 2010, we hope to develop a portrait service in our Max Spielmann photo stores. In our core Timpson chain, we aim to make a major advance in copying complicated car keys at reasonable prices and expect to open a number of new shops, particularly within supermarkets.

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